Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Social Media and small business

Running my small business has become more and more about posting on FaceBook & Twitter and sending out monthly e-newsletter.  Not to mention trying to post a new video for Youtube every so often.  YIKES it does take a lot of time.  And then there is my Blog, which has really been negleted.

But it has also proven to be a great way to share ideas, photos and information.  And to connect with other like minded people.

I just started playing with  Pinterest which is actually pretty fun.  It is all about creating these boards (like bulletin boards) and pinning photos (which link back to the web site you got it from) or videos etc.  So of course I have one board with yoga photos and another board with music videos.  It is worth it to check it out.  But be prepared to spend some time on it.

So the question is; when is the time to hire someone to help you keep up on all the postings that need be done.  And if you do hire someone will it still have that personal feel to it?

Social Media is a wonderful tool but do we really want to spend that much time on the computer?  It can take away from what is really important, like your yoga practice and family.

For those of you that do own one of our mats send us a photo of you in your favorite pose outdoors on the mat to  If we pick your photo you will receive a Mandala Yoga Mat.  And when you do send us the photo  we will post it on our FaceBook page as well as our yoga board on Pinterest  And as we continue to do, like us on FaceBook and you will have the chance of being an end of the month winner for a Mandala Yoga Mat.

See Social Media is pretty cool.......


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