Thursday, July 14, 2011

Who actually determines what the list price is?

There has been something I am a bit confused about............  When companies advertise (mainly online) what the list price of a product is and then what their price is, where do they get the list price?   If it is their own product do they pluck the list price out of the air so that they can then make it look like you are getting a deal with the cut price?  I understand if it is someone elses product and they give you their list price, but if it is your own?

When I first started selling our round mats we sold them for $99 per mat.  I then supplied another online yoga props store with our mats.  They as well sold them for $99 but had the list price higher.  So of course it looked like you were getting a deal.  I thought it was a very dishonest thing to do to the consumer.

Now that the same online yoga store is selling a round mat of their own (if you would like to hear that story please go to our very first post ( ) they have the list price at a price that is higher then it ever was sold so it looks like you are getting some big savings.

I know that there are all sorts of tactics when selling items and that people love to get a deal, but isn't that a bit of false advertising?  If it is your product that you make and promote yourself, don't you determine the price.  Plain and simple.  Why put a false list price that never existed so that you can mark it down thinking people are getting a sale price?

As my company is growing I want to continue to do the right thing by my fellow yogis that are buying our mats.  I created these mats out of a passion for my yoga practice and as a yoga instructor.  The process of operating a business like this has been a very organic thing.  I have just been following my gut and making decisions not on greed but on passion and doing what I believe is right.

Honesty and everything associated with morality is something we try to follow in our lives, shouldn't it be the same in a business?  I think that you can morally do the right thing in a business and still be a successful business person.

I just read a great post from a blog and would like to share it with you.

"Many people have heard the term “this is business” when referred to questionable actions taken in the workplace with less than desirable outcomes. Yet, in life, we do not have that same luxury. Actions taken in real life have consequences that we cannot just right off as “this is life.” It can be hard to follow the moral code when doing business, but not doing so can leave you with a world of guilt and can later affect the business you do or your productivity; guilty thoughts weigh heavily on the mind.
By following what you believe in, you will feel right with the world in business and in your life. Creating harmony in all parts of your life will ensure a balance in your life. Do what is best for your business, yes, but ultimately do what is right for you." 

So be assured that the price you pay for our mats is the price it is.  Sometimes I will have a sale on them but what they are is what they are.  I price them at what I believe is the fair price and I will never lead you to believe that the list price is different.