Wednesday, December 12, 2012


When people ask me why is it so special practicing on a round mat, my first response is “to experience freedom of movement”.  

As well as the size,  the shape also plays an important roll in "experiencing the freedom".  But a circle is far more than simply a shape.  It represents wholeness, with no beginning or end, no sharp corners, a continuous flow.  
On a circular mat you feel no confinement or borders as you may on a rectangular or square mat. It is not a mat for exercise, it is a mat to be creative and enhance your yoga practice.

And why call it a Mandala Yoga Mat ?  Mandala is Sanskrit for circle, polygon, community, and connection.  In various spiritual traditions, Mandalas may be used for focusing attention of aspirants and adepts, as a spiritual teaching tool, for establishing a sacred space, or even as an aid to meditation.  So when you are on your round mat it can become much more than just your space that you practice on.

Your yoga practice is just like the Buddhist Monks who can spend days creating beautiful sand Mandalas.  Only to then sweep up the colored grains of sand and disperse them into flowing water.  Nothing is permanent, everything is always changing.  Let it go and then begin again.  And isn't that like our practice.  Each day you step on your mat you are doing a new practice.  You feel different so you need to approach your practice in a different way.  Take stock of how you are feeling and build from that.

I created these mats to take your practice to another level.  Enhance Your practice, Be Creative, Love Your Yoga, Experience the Freedom, Enjoy.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Living Life To Its Fullest

A Woman who was instrumental in the Modern Dance world in Canada, and who I had the opportunity to work with for many years, passed away this last weekend.  

Rachel Browne you will be missed by many.  Your dedication to Dance as an art, your commitment to Dancers young and old and your passion for what you loved was felt by many people.

                                                     "Nothing Past The Swans"
                                                                       Choreographer: Tedd Robinson  1983ish

Every artist has his or her quirky ways and you were no exception. All the times in the studio when you would have your electric kettle close at hand for your tea, your baggies of food that you were always munching on, and your trademark sweatpants are memories that I will hold forever.  

The passing of Rachel has really made me think deeply about my own life and how each day passes too quickly.  How do we live life to its fullest while still doing the mundane every day things that are required.  How do we allow ourselves to wake up every morning with anticipation of what the day holds rather than dragging ourselves out of bed with a cloud of "how can I do everything that needs to be done" hanging over our head.

I think they both come hand in hand.  Not everyday will be completely filled with energy and joy.  But hopefully each day we can find at least a few moments when you just think to yourself, ahhhhh life is beautiful.  And then of course there are those days that are WOW its wonderful to be alive!  Those WOW days are the ones we need to remember and draw from for our otherwise down days.

And of course our yoga practice is the one constant that grounds us and brings us more of those ahhhh moments.  So do your yoga.

My personal story of Rachel Browne is when I finished my first year as a student at Winnipeg Contemporary Dancers in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  My dream was to be a dancer and that company was the one I wanted to dance with.  Rachel was the Artistic Director at the time and she took me aside at the end of the year and told me I did not have it in me to become a professional dancer.  As you can imagine I was first crushed and then I got mad.  I came back the next year and worked my butt off to prove her wrong.  2 years later I was hired as a dancer in the company.   So thank you Rachel for lighting the fire under my bum so that I would work harder than I ever thought I could.  I think that was your plan anyways, to see if I had it in me to be a dancer.

Rest in Peace Rachel Browne.


Monday, May 28, 2012

I just had to share these beautiful photos one of my students took on our Mandala Yoga Mat.  What a way to practice your yoga!

Thank you Peggy for sharing with us.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Social Media and small business

Running my small business has become more and more about posting on FaceBook & Twitter and sending out monthly e-newsletter.  Not to mention trying to post a new video for Youtube every so often.  YIKES it does take a lot of time.  And then there is my Blog, which has really been negleted.

But it has also proven to be a great way to share ideas, photos and information.  And to connect with other like minded people.

I just started playing with  Pinterest which is actually pretty fun.  It is all about creating these boards (like bulletin boards) and pinning photos (which link back to the web site you got it from) or videos etc.  So of course I have one board with yoga photos and another board with music videos.  It is worth it to check it out.  But be prepared to spend some time on it.

So the question is; when is the time to hire someone to help you keep up on all the postings that need be done.  And if you do hire someone will it still have that personal feel to it?

Social Media is a wonderful tool but do we really want to spend that much time on the computer?  It can take away from what is really important, like your yoga practice and family.

For those of you that do own one of our mats send us a photo of you in your favorite pose outdoors on the mat to  If we pick your photo you will receive a Mandala Yoga Mat.  And when you do send us the photo  we will post it on our FaceBook page as well as our yoga board on Pinterest  And as we continue to do, like us on FaceBook and you will have the chance of being an end of the month winner for a Mandala Yoga Mat.

See Social Media is pretty cool.......


Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Where would we be without music?  The power of music can change your mood from sadness to joy, it sets the background for movies allowing us to project ourselves deeper into the story, and it can set the stage for performances in dance and theatre.  Those are just a few things I can think of.
Then of course there is going to see live performances; listening to musicians and singers expose their talents to us, allowing them to touch that most tender part of our emotions, wow what wonderful thing that is.
For myself when I hear a piece of music that inspires me, I want to move.
There is some controversy with whether you should use music with your yoga practice.  Most studios seem to have some king of music in the background.  I love it.  But it is a very personal thing and what one person enjoys another man not.
But if it can help to get you on your mat why not put on a little Sting, Mozart or the Beatles.
With that in mind I hope you enjoy my latest video.  I love the song from the band Cinematic Orchestra, so the next was for me to roll out my mat and move.

Mandala Yoga Mat Inversion on Youtube

Please feel free to view our other videos on Youtube as well.  :  )