Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Do Your Homework

Please be aware that when these round mats are made there is a lot of unused wasted material.  We at Mandala Yoga Mat do not put any of that wasted material into the landful.  All of it goes to a recycling centre to be used in many different ways.

Other companies who make copies of these mats may be disposing the material in a way that is not great.  Please do your homework and find out before you order from other online companies how they dispose of the wasted material.

We are the Original 6 ft Round Yoga Mat with the beautiful logo embossed in the centre of the circle and the embossed dots to help delineate the quadrants of the circle.  These mats were designed by a yoga instructor who spent time with her students to determine what was needed on the mats to help keep you centered and aligned. 



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